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How much do these things cost?

In my alter ego as a yacht broker, I frequently come across people whose dream is to buy a boat and sail off into the sunset. It is entirely common to have inquiries that read: “I am looking for a … Continue reading

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Best watering holes?

There is always a lot of discussion about the “being there” versus the “getting there” when it comes to cruisers and cruising. It actually dictates buying decisions in a big way, when it comes to yachts. Are you going to … Continue reading

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Crash of the Week!

Not a lot needs to said about this one – enjoy!

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Another propulsion idea?

There has been some chatter going on about yet another innovative propulsion system for boats: compressed air engine power. Engine Air The argument is that a trimaran might be a viable platform for this idea. To simplify the concept, what … Continue reading

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Boat Bias (Warning: Rant!)

“That is not a real boat!”  I remember hearing that from old salt Marblehead types when someone would show up in their fancy new catamaran. “Those things are dangerous, they flip over all the time, and they should be outlawed!” … Continue reading

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Cat sailors don’t have ANY ego issues!

We all know one of these. Hell, some of us may be one of these. I sure hope they didn’t make this video about me! Enjoy! Cat sailing

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Crash of the Week!

Don’t worry, the bikinis are coming. But today, a little NASCAR-like fracas for you! In case you aren’t a hockey fan, this ought to get you going! Bumper Boats! I have a lingering image in my head of two maxi … Continue reading

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Salvage Rights?

We received an interesting thread of emails from a guy who owns (or owned) a smallish (around 40′) trimaran. It appears he was sailing in tropical water, capsized, was rescued and abandoned the boat. He never expected to see his … Continue reading

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