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Here we go!

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Party in Annapolis! Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:03:16 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> This one will be fun. Hope to see a lot of folks there!

Multihull Company Customer Appreciation Party, Sponsored by The Multihull Company and Multihulls Quarterly Magazine

Friday, October 7th at 7:30 pm at 429 2nd Street, Annapolis, Maryland.

If you ever bought a cat or trimaran from us, or sold one through us, we want to thank you for your loyalty, friendship and business. Each year during the Annapolis Boat Show, we rent a large home very close to the Chart House in Annapolis. We have a large backyard with a pool on nearly an acre of land, and it makes a super place for an outdoor party. We will be providing snacks, refreshments, hamburgers and veggie burgers, as well as beer and wine for all. All of our staff and brokers will be in attendance, as well as former customers, so it will be loads of fun to see those of you we haven’t seen in years, and great to meet some of you we have never met for one reason or another.

An added bonus is that George Day will be offering everyone who comes a few free issues of Multihull Quarterly, which features a popular blog written by Derek Escher, our broker from Newport, RI. If we’re lucky, we might also get Derek to grab his guitar and sing us a few songs, as he’s a talented bard who often performs in bars and nightclubs in New England.

If you will be attending, RSVP to Kelly at Please include the number in your party, as we want to carefully order the right amount of food and libations so everyone leaves our party fat, dumb and happy.

A clean and simple way to reach the house is to take the water taxi from the boat show to the Annapolis Chart House. Walk down the left side of the Chart House and straight ahead down 2nd second street. Cross over Severn Ave and the house is half a block down on your left. See you at 7:30pm!

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Safety Hatches Tue, 16 Aug 2011 15:56:35 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> My boss on the brokerage side of my life, Phil Berman, is one of the best known and most prolific pontificators regarding all things cruising catamaran. I am going to interview him every so often as we go forward. Certainly, Phil, has a better understanding of the brokerage market than anyone in the world, so it always helps to get his viewpoints.

Phil received a letter that I thought was interesting, asking about escape hatches and what would actually happen if your cat capsized. It came in response to an article he wrote contrasting monohulls and cats. Here is what he said:

“Most cats have escape hatches now in each hull, just above the waterline so that, if inverted, you have a large hatch well above the waterline to get in and out of hulls and let air in the hulls. So if the seas were rough and it was cold and windy, you would stay inside the boat until rescued (mostly). Honestly, it is very, very rare to capsize a cat, and many people do not have escape hatches at all; they just swim up the stairs and out via the saloon door and tether to the cockpit.
The thing that people miss most about safety is that cats are generally faster–and more importantly, far less fatiguing on the body–so that when sailing in rough weather, you have a lot more energy and strength. Most problems on yachts occur when people are tired and weak, and monohulls are very hard on the body compared to cats. Cats also sit a lot more nicely and comfortably when hove-to.”

I would like to reiterate that incidences of cats capsizing are extremely rare, almost unheard of. But, it is a good idea to know what would happen if…

Get me out of here!

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Anchoring for Keeps Mon, 15 Aug 2011 14:18:01 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> ahh.....

Moorings 4600

I went cruising this past weekend and anchored out two nights—one in Newport, and one in Block Island. As always, anchoring seems to be a skill that a lot of sailors have trouble with. We sat and watched a little monohull start dragging across the mooring field and end up tangled against the side of a very big fancy motor boat. Bad form. Expensive… The harbor master, Sea Tow, etc., congregated and took the boat away. Someone was going to have a really bad weekend.

Anchoring really comes down to two things. You have to understand that in order to work, your anchor rode needs to be horizontal to the bottom, not vertical. This doesn’t change. Numbers like 5:1 rode to depth are thrown around, but erring for more rode is never a bad idea. So you need a spot to anchor that allows you to put out enough rode. Chain helps to lay the rode down. Wind is a variable. So is current. And always assume that everyone around you has not read the book on anchoring!

The other key thing about anchoring well is to decide where you want your boat after everything is set. You have to be able to put your anchor where it needs to be so that when all is settled, the boat sits where you wanted it. This part isn’t always easy, and it takes experience. You also need to back down on your anchor to set it in, and put on whatever bridle you use, which generally adds another 20′ to the proceedings! Having confidence in your anchoring skills lets you enjoy sailing so much more, and actually helps you sleep at night. Be smart. Choose well. Think it through.

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Spithill Rules!! Fri, 12 Aug 2011 17:16:31 +0000 derek Just watching today’s AC 45 regatta. Jimmy Spithill won 3 races in a row, and looked amazing. Other than that, Coutts was yelling, and the Kiwis also looked very good. Hmmmm…..

America’s Cup

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Crash of the Week!!! Fri, 12 Aug 2011 14:01:33 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> OK, so I know I’ve wandered away from the crash of the week portion of our program (and yes, the bikini babe thing has been a bit lacking as well). Let’s remedy the situation right away and have a look at some good carnage videos.

or this:

one more:

can’t stop now….


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Cascais AC 45 weekend Mon, 08 Aug 2011 15:54:14 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> I spent early Saturday and Sunday watching the America’s Cup regatta on my computer. The coverage it great, with first class camera work, commentary and a bunch of “f” bombs. Good theater! Make sure to check it out at

The first weekend showed us that four skippers—Hutchinson, Barker, Coutts and Spithill—are all really good. Oracle was in there all the time, and Spithill should have won the regatta, but was DQd in the first race. Barker and Emerates TZL are great. They ended up first, with Coutts second. But really, as I mentioned the other day, this is pre-season football. Things are going to change.

This is exciting racing to watch. The boats are fast, the races are close, leads change, guys fall overboard. Teams sneak up and win at the finish line. This is going to be really good!


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Regattas This Week Wed, 03 Aug 2011 13:57:19 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> There are a number of multihull regattas going on this week. Here in New England, we have the Buzzard’s Bay Regatta out of the New Bedford YC in Padanaram, MA. The BBR has always had a nice multihull class, featuring mainly Corsair trimarans, with many other cats and trimarans mixed in. There are many hundreds of boats in the BBR, with numerous classes and different courses.

Corsair Trimaran

In Germany, a Tornado Worlds event is going. Tens of thousands of people show up to watch these races, and the courses are set very close to shore for the viewers’ sake. Maybe this is what the San Francisco America’s Cup will be like? Which of course leads me to the fact that the first AC Grand Prix is this week in Portugal. More on that as it evolves this weekend.

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New Outremer – Nice! Tue, 02 Aug 2011 16:41:35 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> Outremer Cats

A few years back, Outremer was down on its luck a bit. This is a company that has always had performance as first priority, and for a while in the 1990s they built some very innovative (and at the time) highly affordable cats. Their trick was solid construction, not expensive sandwich core construction, and they made 40-foot boats that were 55 feet long. The hulls were really long and fine, and the interiors of the the boats were small and very simple. The 55 Light was, and still is, a really cool boat, with the interior space of a 43-foot cruising cat. However, time and cost conspired to make the boat a little bit dated.

The company re-organized and re-committed in the last few years. Last year, they came out with a sandwich cored, high freeboard, daggerboarded cat at 49 feet. Designed by Christophe Barreau, now ex-Catana, this boat has more similarity to a Catana than an older Outremer. Nice boat that is gaining worldwide momentum.

Outremer 5x

Well, it seems they have taken it one step further. There is a new 59 (5X) foot boat coming out that appears on many levels to be really spectacular. With all due respect to Barreau, this new boat was designed by the undisputed architectural kings of multihulls, VPLP, with input from some of the best minds in VPLP’s stable of superstar sailors. Just when some companies are opting not to pay the famous designers, Outremer has grabbed the best and let them run with this project. It ought to be noted that VPLP, while equally famous for designing the fastest boats ever built (Groupama, Bancque Populaire, Oracle BMW), also do luxury too — Lagoon, Sunreef, etc. This boat, the 5x, promises to be a comfortable rocket, and will be really exciting to follow as it evolves. I am adding this one to my short list, that’s for sure!

The first one!

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First AC 45 Regatta This Week! Mon, 01 Aug 2011 15:55:18 +0000 derek Continue reading ]]> The lead up to the Americas Cup regatta in San Francisco for 2013 begins this week in Cascais, Portugal. This is the training series regatta featuring the AC 45 one design cat. This will be the first time all the boats and teams will assemble, and while it promises to be a bit like pre-season football, we will see who looks good right away! These boats are mini versions of the AC 72, which we will begin seeing next year. This regatta will be followed by a regatta in England in September.

AC 45's

This is a star studded event, with 10 boats and many of the biggest names in sailing. Some of the household names include James Coutts, Loick Peyron, James Spithill, Dean Barker, Bertrand Pace and many others.

You can bet this will be great racing, and very exciting. The really cool thing about this type of yacht racing is that with the kind of speed and volatility these boats have, anything can happen during a race. There won’t be a lot of parades out there, flyers will often pay off, and no lead is safe…I can’t wait! We will keep updates coming here, as the action starts on Friday.

For a great website on the Cup, go here:

America’s Cup

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