Solar-Powered Catamaran Sets Sail on Global Journey

Cheaper, more efficient and more powerful than ever before, global consumers are turning to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to provide clean, renewable, local electrical power for their homes.

Adding significantly to the growing portion of America’s electricity generated from solar energy is power utilities, more and more of which are getting involved with U.S. solar energy markets. Though gains have been sluggish, substantial progress is being made in terms of weaning U.S. vehicles, cycles, planes and maritime vessels off of petroleum fuels.

And that is exactly what New Zealand native and designer of the catamaran Planet Solar Chris Loomes has not only envisioned, but achieved.

According to the website, “PlanetSolar is a catamaran that runs solely on energy found in light. The additional removable parts allow it to expose a total of 537 m2 of photovoltaic surface (solar panels) to the sun. This data makes it the biggest solar run ship in the world.”

Pretty impressive! For more details surrounding the catamaran’s world tour, visit the boat’s website or blog.

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