The World’s Largest Sailing Tri…Equipped with a Sports Car?

For sailors who cannot live without their sports car, the 157-foot UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran was a big draw at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The UltraLuxum CXL, which is the world’s largest sailing trimaran, has outer hulls that fold in for harbor access. The vessel is a stable platform at sea thanks to its impressive beam (the CXL is 75 feet across), but it can be transformed to “just” 36 feet in a matter of minutes, allowing access to a greater range of harbors and marinas.

UltraLuxum signed a partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies back in May in order to fabricate the technology of its retractable beams. The UltraLuxum CXL comes equipped with a McLaren MP4, which will be housed in a dedicated garage and visible from the owner’s cabin through a wall of glass.

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