Beto Pandiani Makes Plans for Next Extreme Voyage

Beto Pandiani is a sailor known for cruising around the world on beachcats. He started like many on the Hobie 16 fleet in Brazil, and in 1989 he obtained the first international title for his local class, he was crowned North American Champion in Chicago (first foreigner to win in USA).

After several decades and more than 30,000 miles of sailing some of the most extreme routes, he has set his 2012 challenge to be to conquer the 4,350 miles separating South Africa from Brazil. Cape “Town-Rio” , of course non stop.

His new boat will be made in carbon, light and fast. His crew this time will be Igor Bely, he cross the Pacific with Beto. Their goal is to depart from Rio de Janeiro to generate media promotion for an unique beachcat Cruise. They will produce media content and may broadcast live.

Grabbing content will be key experience again for Beto’s next big project, a cinematographic documentary for 2013-2014, for a Vancouver-Greenland-North Pole trip that will be made possible due to global warming creating a less icy route They will take the opportunity to talk about geopolitical issues, new commercial routes, and the environment.

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