Cascais AC 45 weekend

I spent early Saturday and Sunday watching the America’s Cup regatta on my computer. The coverage it great, with first class camera work, commentary and a bunch of “f” bombs. Good theater! Make sure to check it out at

The first weekend showed us that four skippers—Hutchinson, Barker, Coutts and Spithill—are all really good. Oracle was in there all the time, and Spithill should have won the regatta, but was DQd in the first race. Barker and Emerates TZL are great. They ended up first, with Coutts second. But really, as I mentioned the other day, this is pre-season football. Things are going to change.

This is exciting racing to watch. The boats are fast, the races are close, leads change, guys fall overboard. Teams sneak up and win at the finish line. This is going to be really good!


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