First AC 45 Regatta This Week!

The lead up to the Americas Cup regatta in San Francisco for 2013 begins this week in Cascais, Portugal. This is the training series regatta featuring the AC 45 one design cat. This will be the first time all the boats and teams will assemble, and while it promises to be a bit like pre-season football, we will see who looks good right away! These boats are mini versions of the AC 72, which we will begin seeing next year. This regatta will be followed by a regatta in England in September.

AC 45's

This is a star studded event, with 10 boats and many of the biggest names in sailing. Some of the household names include James Coutts, Loick Peyron, James Spithill, Dean Barker, Bertrand Pace and many others.

You can bet this will be great racing, and very exciting. The really cool thing about this type of yacht racing is that with the kind of speed and volatility these boats have, anything can happen during a race. There won’t be a lot of parades out there, flyers will often pay off, and no lead is safe…I can’t wait! We will keep updates coming here, as the action starts on Friday.

For a great website on the Cup, go here:

America’s Cup

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