European Sea Trial

One of the great bi-products of being a broker and journalist in the boat business is that I actually get to go sailing sometimes. Last week was one of those deals. I have a client who is looking for the perfect boat. As anyone who reads my blog knows, the discussion of what the perfect boat is changes from person to person. No right answer on that one.

This couple wants a boat that is pretty fast–it needs to do 200 miles a day under sail easily. But it also needs to be very comfortable. Opulence is not a requirement, but they do like big–really, as big as possible–while still allowing them, as a couple, to handle it. So we started looking at boats last year and established, over a long period of discovery, that the boat that worked the best for them is a Catana 52 (either series).

Catana 521

We began researching all the boats on the world market this spring. We flew to the Chesapeake to see one boat, which was glorious, but the owner really did not want to sell it (he loves it too much!). So anyway, we found a 521 in France, the last one they made, all carbon and tricked out. And after a few weeks of back and forth discussions, a price was agreed on. So last Tuesday, off we went to the south of France to inspect, survey and sea-trial the boat. Happily, the boat was everything we expected, the owners wonderful and warm. So my clients begin their adventure with a tremendous experience going through the buying process the way it ought to be: fair price, no head games or mistrust, just great.

Oh yeah, the sea-trial…we went out sailing in 35 knots on the Med. Triple reefed, wild. And the boat loved it. We went about 13 knots and stayed dry…

There goes my hat!!

So what is next?

I am back and the blogs are coming back now, too!

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