Three Little Birds

I just did a review of a very cool performance cruising trimaran called Three Little Birds for Multihulls Quarterly magazine. The boat was built by Aquidneck Customs, from Bristol RI. Fantastic boat! Absolutely epitomizes the idea that everyone has their own ideas when it comes to what they want in a sailboat. Look for the review in our next issue.

Three Little Birds

This owner wanted a fast boat. And safe. And with reasonable cruising amenities. And, he wanted it as small as possible yet still accomplishing all that. This boat nails it in almost every way. It is meticulously built, the attention to detail extraordinary. For this owner, and others like him, it is hard to imagine anything better. The boat is 36′, light, and really fast. But…..for the same price, you could own a lot of different boats. So what is it that drives someone to designing and building a boat? Is it that the market has not addressed a particular segment? Or, is it that there are only a few people in the world who have a vision like this boat? Hard to know. So, I look into myself on this, and I think about if I had an unlimited budget for a boat, and knowing what I like, and have learned about boats over the years, and I begin to play the game, yet again……250 miles a day, sailing. Lots of living space. Safe. Manageable. And I think about “Three little Birds”. I think about my friend Dave Pennfield’s Morelli and Melvin custom “Shooting Star”. I think about a bunch of customs, and my old boat…. “Occam’s Razor” Then, I go back to work and write about it instead!!

Shooting Star

Occam's Razor

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