Best watering holes?

There is always a lot of discussion about the “being there” versus the “getting there” when it comes to cruisers and cruising. It actually dictates buying decisions in a big way, when it comes to yachts. Are you going to enjoy the trip or the destination more, as a way of life?

Today’s blog is all about the “being there”… destinations. The best hangouts. The coolest bars, the best restaurants, the best live music. Social stuff, people stuff, party stuff.

Ivan's Stress Free Bar

What are your best places ? I would love to hear from cruisers out there who have a wider scope than I do, my reference points being primarily the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda and US East Coast.

How about the coolest bar? For me, it has to be Ivan’s Stress Free bar on Jost Van Dyke. Ivan is Foxy’s brother, I believe, but unlike Foxy’s, which in its own right wins as the best tourist trap in my opinion (Soggy Dollar is on that beach too…), Ivan’s is just sublime. Here is a bar that has no bartender. You just make yourself a drink, write it down in a book, and before you leave, which is frequently days or weeks later, you settle up with Ivan. He has frequent authentic Caribbean barbeques. And, he is a musician. There are pictures in his bar of visits by Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett and Keith Richards, among many. Ivan built a stage on a palm-shaded part of his beach, and people are always playing there. I have been lucky enough to share that stage on a number of occasions, my favorite being New Year’s Eve a while back. Ivan asked me to sit and play some guitar with him around 10 PM. There were 15-20 people there, but nothing really happening. Around midnight, I was ready to go back to my boat, but he convinced me to get up there with him one more time, with a couple of other West Indian guys I knew. Before we knew it, people came out of the trees, off the beach. What a party! It went on most of the night. That’s what I am talking about. So that is Ivan’s, the coolest place I know.

Some other places to discuss for another day: Latitude 18 on St Thomas…great for live music. Salt Whistle Bay Club, Mayreau, Grenadines…most cosmic. Lagoonies, St Martin…best yachty bar (although there are a bunch of good ones on St Martin). The Select Club on St Barts…best place to run into Jimmy Buffett! Hope Town Bahamas is cool, and any place in Bequia is wonderful. And how about Bermuda and the US East Coast? Next time! What are your favorites?

Salt Whistle Bay, Magic!!!

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