Boat Bias (Warning: Rant!)

“That is not a real boat!”  I remember hearing that from old salt Marblehead types when someone would show up in their fancy new catamaran. “Those things are dangerous, they flip over all the time, and they should be outlawed!”

If you look around online, there are still some old schoolers saying that stuff. Or maybe they went to Tortola, chartered a heavy luxury cruising cat, complained all week about performance, and came home to their monohull sloop, thinking “Thank God…at least this thing goes upwind.” Instead of embracing the good parts of multihulls, they focus on the bad just to support their position.

And then there are the multihull guys, with pat lines like: “At least if my boat flips, it doesn’t go straight to the bottom with 10 tons of lead!” or “At least I’m not spending my life at 45 degrees!” We’ve all heard it, right? Can’t we all just get along? Multihull guys and monohull guys are still brothers from another mother. Like so many things in this world, the problem becomes dogma, intolerance and closed-mindedness. Instead of entitlement, how about the idea that we are all sailors and our experiences will be better for acknowledging all ideas?

Isn’t it kind of like Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin? You know, don’t stop until you defeat all things liberal, without ever considering that some of the things on the other side make sense? Or extreme liberals, who discount everything any conservative says without considering it as another educated perspective? Look, I know boats are not an analogy for politics or religion, but wouldn’t everyone be better off if they could say, “Hey, I like my cat, but that is a gorgeous Swan!”  Or a Swan guy saying, “Wow, that Gunboat is amazing…look at it go!”

I don’t know, just my way of thinking…

Conception Island, Bahamas

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