Salvage Rights?

We received an interesting thread of emails from a guy who owns (or owned) a smallish (around 40′) trimaran. It appears he was sailing in tropical water, capsized, was rescued and abandoned the boat. He never expected to see his boat again.

Out of the blue, he received an email from a commercial vessel that found the boat, righted it, and attempted to tow it back off the high seas. Unfortunately, the boat couldn’t withstand the speed they needed to tow her at, and was abandoned yet again. Some of the owner’s personal effects were removed and offered to be returned by the commercial crew, but the boat is out there floating again.

Kind of makes you wonder how many boats are actually lost never to be seen again, versus those that do eventually turn up. Periodically, we hear stories of salvage operations, or boats washing ashore somewhere. My understanding is that when a boat is abandoned, it  is free property for anyone locating it. I have seen the practical side of this, which is that often boats are recovered, and the finder charges exorbitant salvage fees to the rightful owner.

In any case, this boat is floating out there somewhere. If you find it, let us know!

Out there drifting

A bit trashed

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