5 Cruising Classics

Looking for an older cruising cat? Something that in its day was state of the art, that over time has maintained its value, and that still does what it was designed to do? Something you can find, maybe renovate, and turn into a great boat? Here are five of my favorites, with a little bit of opinion.

Lagoon 55/57

It its era, this was one of the fastest, biggest and most favored cats ever built. It is a VPLP design, and to this day, there may be no cat ever built that was prettier! As a side note, it was also the grandfather to many other VPLP boats like the Switch, Aikane and others.

Privilege 482

The P 48 series were the real workhorses of charter operators all over the world. With 4 double cabins for guests, each with a separate head, plus crew quarters, the boat also has a multitude of social centers spread throughout as well. These boats are great to start a business, and great as wildly luxurious live about cruising cat.

Fountaine Pajot Casamance 45

This boat has reached near cult status at times. It is big enough to be very comfortable, fast enough to get you there, and has a lot of stuff we all value in a boat now, like bridge deck clearance and lighter weight. And, there is nothing funkier than that round window on the back of the coach house–nice touch!

Catana 44/48

This was the old Loch Crowther design, and the two boats have the same interior space. The 48, by virtue of its longer waterline, sails better, but both boats are great. Owners often rip a lot of the interior out (you don’t need six cabins, right?) and lighten it up. With its daggerboards and tulip bows, this is one great sailing cat!

Prout Snowgoose

Another cult classic. With Prouts, you either love ‘em, or you hate ‘em. This was the starter boat to the stars for many people. Prouts never sailed great, but the interior standards and innovation sort of set the bar for early luxury in cruising cats.

Privilege 482

FP Casamance

Prout Snowgoose

Catana 48

Lagoon 57

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