Disaster Day!

So the editors of MQ think I need to spice things up a bit. They are requesting more disaster stories, more bikinis, and maybe even more kids and dogs…because everyone knows that babies and puppies are big draws! With all that in mind, I am pleased to announce the “Disaster of the Week portion of the program.

I am not organized enough to tell you which day of the week the segment will appear, so you will just have to check every day. But rest assured–we will scour the world for implosions, meltdowns and spontaneous combustion. Send me your stories and links to post–whomever sends the best info gets a ride on an AC 72 (or maybe just Russell Coutts’ phone number). I kid!

So I figured, where better to start this than with an all-time classic? This clip features Pierce Brosnan, and the boats are filled with all sorts of luminaries from the world of catamarans, including a bunch of my friends and associates. (After this, no doubt they will deny that!) If you look hard enough, you will see Randy Smythe, Mark Murray, Tommy Gonzalez, Bob Gleason, and on and on. Let me know if I left you out…ok?

I also have to apologize for Renee Russo. The fur coat is a far cry from a bikini. So, in light of that, try this:

Ummm, where's the boat?

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