When I get hired as a buyer’s consultant, often I start the process with a discussion of the greatest designers in the history of Multihulls. The truth is, there are so many huge egos out there that some new guy comes by every day thinking that they can do better than the existing designers. At times, maybe that is a little true, too. Part of being a great designer is to follow the mandate, and make that design work. It is a lot easier to make a racing boat do what it is supposed to than it is to design a boat that will please the performance demands, and the aesthetic demands of a cruising couple. I think that most of the really great boats, whether a cruising cat, or a racing trimaran, follow an evolutionary path. History is full of really unsuccessful attempts to reinvent the wheel. If you think you have an idea in boat design that hasn’t been thought of before, think a little bit more! Team Goss anyone?Avoid one offs and ego designs at all cost!

My short list of great designers? Nigel Irens for racing boats. John Shuttleworth for innovations. Morelli and Melvin for consistent high performance designs. Grainger and Schionning for great Aussie performance cats. Loch Crowther, and later Christophe Barreau for their work with Catana. Gilles Ollier and his team for mega cat designs. There are some others who belong in this conversation as well.

This has been a week of “what ifs’s…”. If I wanted a boat designed, with all due respect to all the others, to me the undisputed kings are Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, VPLP. Let’s just look at some of the stuff they have done.

Aikane 56 On my REALLY short list!


Oracle BMW trimaran

Deuce France




on and on and on….

Just look at their site!


BTW, they are really nice guys too!!!

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