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I was speaking with a guy yesterday from Massachusetts who is interested in buying a cruising cat. But, he had been told by brokers who sell monohulls that you can’t haul out  a catamaran in New England, and getting dockage or a mooring is impossible here as well. Let’s take a look at this issue for a moment.

Most cruising catamarans are 28′ wide, or less. Right off the top of my head, I can name 5 lifts in Southern New England that can handle a boat that size, Newport Shipyard, Hinckley, New England Boatworks, Fairhaven Shipyard, DN Kelly, just for starters. I know that around Boston it is no problem. Maine is no problem, so hauling out just in not an issue.

42' Manta in a smaller travel lift

Dockage is a little stickier. Usually marinas in New England are well populated, although with the lousy economy, there are many more slips than there used to be. If you own a cruising cat, what you realy want is a side tie, or a T head location. Otherwise, marinas like to charge you double, so that is an issue. The bigger question is, why do you want to be on a dock? One of the best parts of having a cruising cat is having the privacy you get being out on an anchor or mooring. It is like having your own private island.

So what about a mooring? Well, you can find one almost anywhere. Some places could be too tight, and some boatyards have funny ideas about cats, but overall, you can find a good mooring almost anywhere in New England.

So that is the story here. Now, if you live someplace else, and are having problems finding a place to haul, or keep your cat, let us know.

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