America’s Cup Update: TNZ gets M&M!

The America’s Cup regatta in 2013, and the series leading up to it, just got news from another team that has to be taken very seriously.

Team New Zealand, always a factor in world-level sailing, had been non-committal about entering into all of this at all for money reasons. Well, they did enter, and they are really doing it as a first class challenger. Led by Grant Dalton, and with a country of avid sailors to chose from, now TNZ has announced that Morrelli & Melvin, the legendary U.S. design firm, will be part of their team….the plot thickens!

So, handicapping the event at this point, we have three super powerhouses stacking up. The U.S. defender, Oracle, with Ellison and Coutts, has money and motivation.The French team, which is inhabited by rock star multihull guys at every turn (Peyrons, Ollier, etc.), and now TNZ.

This is going to be great theater!!

M&M Designed AC 45's. The 72's are next!

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