The Gunboats are Coming!!

Tribe, Gunboat #1

Everyone knows that Gunboat has been one of the real success stories in the cruising catamaran market in the past 10 years. Peter Johnstone had a vision, has stuck with it, has kept his boats consistent, while evolving ever so slightly over time. And still “Tribe”, the first Gunboat is very fast, and looking great in Antigua.

CuCu Belle

So, Gunboats are not out and out race boats, but they are really fast. For the last few years, they have had their own class at Antigua race week, one of the great regattas anyone could ever hope to attend! This year’s regatta is underway, and we are getting pictures and stories each day. When it is all over, I will do a recap, I promise. For now though, it seems like the big orange boat, CuCu Belle is winning a lot, in a lot of ways! Now, they are folk heroes. It seems that their crew was involved in some dockside fire control about a 75′ race boat on the dock in English Harbor, and in the process they have saved 20% of the world’s Gunboat population! Peter is eternally grateful….of course. Now, that is some victory at sea!!!

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