Appreciating Those “Other” Cats

This is really from a Cat!! Douce France (138')

Following up yesterday’s blog, I am submitting an excerpt from an article I just wrote for The Multihull Company’s newsletter. Enjoy, and check out the whole thing on their website,  For years, I have been writing stories, and selling boats based on my own preferences and pig headed ideas. I am a performance guy, that’s it!  These are sailboats!  They ought to sail really well, go fast, be strong in the ocean. If you want to bring an elephant with you, join the circus! I have always looked at those other boats as something really weird and foreign.

Well, maybe it is the fact of getting old. Or maybe it is the fact that I have been forced, then realized I was lucky enough, to spend time on luxury cats. Whatever it is, I am going to talk about all those things that a guy like me isn’t supposed to appreciate.

So yeah, I do like a really comfortable, walk around queen or even king sized bed. If it has a memory foam mattress, all the better! And, there ought to be a nice stereo system in there. A flat screen TV to watch movies would be good, too. And, great lighting, ventilation, well-placed hatches. At my age, I love a good night of sleep. So okay, having air conditioning is a really good idea, too.

When I get up in the morning, I love a nice stand up shower. I am 6’3”, so having some room over my head is really nice, and I like lots of hot water and jets in different places. Now we’re talking. And, I want a separate head stall, not there with the shower…separate.  There ought to be a washing machine in there, too, so I can keep my t-shirts smelling nice.

I am not a great cook, but I like having a very hot stove. One of those Viking style things, with a seriously hot oven, is a pretty great idea. I love tuna, seared in garlic and ginger…

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