Getting There, or Being There?

nice galley!

I spend a lot of time conversing about sailing performance and luxury in regard to cruising catamarans. When all is said and done, there is actually a pretty easy way to look at what design criteria will matter most to you.

For some people, the act of sailing is the fun part, the “getting there” group. Going fast, having daggerboards, high bridgedeck clearance, and keeping everything light is the means to get there. If this is your goal, by my way of thinking, what you want is a boat that will carry everything you need, and average 200 plus miles a day, sailing, not with engines running. That goal sounds simple, but you really have to have a pretty serious amount of waterline, and discipline about toys and accessories, or a great deal of money to buy a very big boat, to get to that goal.

The other camp is the “being there” group. For these people, having all the comforts and luxury of home, plus great social centers on your boat are the mandate. A boat in this category doesn’t have to be light, doesn’t have to have daggers, or high clearance, or lots of carbon and exotic materials in the buildup.These boats are more judged by how comfortable they are, how big the room seems, how nice the showers are, how great the galley is.

There is no right or wrong in this discussion. There is also plenty of crossover room too. There are certainly plenty of yachts that do both well.Understand the design intent of any given boat will certainly help you understand if it for you, or not. Also knowing whether you will actually ever sail your boat across oceans, or just from island to island will help you decide what is best for you.

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