Banque Populaire

The Banque Populaire maxi trimaran is 10 days into attempting a Jules Verne Record. They are currently a little over 300 miles behind versus last year’s record holder, Groupama III, against elapsed time. The distance differential seems to be in the fact that they are further east and south–closer to South America–than Groupama was at the same point last year. The crew is anticipating a big low pressure system to hit imminently, which ought to get them moving. Sadly, when I last looked, they were just crawling along, going barely over 30 knots…..yeah, you read that right, they are complaining about going only 30 knots!
We put in a phone call to the boat to get some updates, but the noise was so loud from the water hitting the carbon hulls that we couldn’t make out what they were saying! Have a nice ride over to New Zealand, boys!

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