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New Jersey Coast Shipwreck is Steamer that Sank in 1860

The hulking wreck has been a regular destination for divers but a riddle to historians: What ship came to rest in 85 feet of water 10 miles off New Jersey’s coastline? Now, federal officials have an answer. The National Oceanic and … Continue reading

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$3 Billion Shipwreck Found Off Massachusetts Coast

Some guys have all the luck! A Maine-based treasure hunter says he and his crew have discovered a sunken World War II-era ship carrying a trove of valuable platinum, gold and diamonds worth as much as $3 billion. The British … Continue reading

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Boat Found After Drifting Across Atlantic for 3 Years

Ever wonder what happens to all those boats that have to be abandoned? Not all of them sink. A small fishing boat lost off Massachusetts after its crew was thrown out in rough seas has been discovered near Spain more … Continue reading

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Shipwreck Off South Africa Endangers Thousands of Penguins

Whoever was on watch this day is in big trouble. Environmentalists and salvors are negotiating with the South African and British governments to provide a ship to launch a rescue operation at Nightingale Island in the Tristan da Cunha chain, … Continue reading

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