Strictly Sail Miami

Strictly Sail Miami is the sailing event of the season! The fun begins Thursday (Trade Day) February 13th and will not end until the final bell sounds Monday, February 17th. This five-day spectacular sailing event features the best of the best that the sailing industry has to offer. You’ll find the latest and the greatest from boat builders across the globe. Come out to see, shop and test sail some of the newest sailboat designs, plus nearly 200 booths and land displays featuring sailing gear, accessories, and hardware from the industries top suppliers, along with the latest charter information and the boats you’ll be chartering in our new Vacation Basin.

At the show, you can attend Fee Seminars every day sponsored by Blue Water Sailing magazine on topics from seamanship to sail trim to exploring the great cruising grounds near South Florida. Plus, you can attend one of the great longer seminars, for a fee, on Safety at Sea, Couple Cruising  and Weather. Check out the seminar schedule here.

Also, Cruising Compass readers can get a $2 discount on tickets to Strictly Sail Miami by logging on to the show’s website and entering the code BWS when you sign up in advance.

Discover Boating Center puts you at the helm
Visitors can now experience the thrill of sailing under the supervision and direction of an experienced certified captain through our Take the Helm program. Located on the floating dock at the end of Pier B at Miamarina, these 90 minute lessons introduce non-sailors to the pleasure and joy of the sport while remaining in a controlled environment. More experienced sailors should choose the course suited to their skill level.

Not Ready to get out on the Water?

Try the New Sailing Maker Sailing Simulator – Get a feel for the water on a virtual sailboat ride. Qualified instructors will offer you a chance to experience how a boat reacts to wind and waves, and teaches you how to use the tiller. Designed and built by a nuclear physicist, the simulator recreates the actual movement of a boat under sail. It’s a unique training platform for sailors of all abilities—whether you’re a new boater who wants to learn how to sail and or an experienced sailor who wants to practice under different sailing conditions, the simulator is for you.

The Progressive Insurance Strictly Sail Miami Show is one of the premier “All-Sail” boat shows in the country—and we’re back at Bayside for 2014!

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