Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

A Mighty Ocean

Stepping from the car, I could hear thunderous waves pounding the beach in boisterous succession. Overnight, 30-knot winds with gusts of 40 or more had been churning up the Pacific and an offshore buoy was putting wave heights in the 25 to 30 foot range, which made me eager to see it as soon as we reached our rental house on the Washington coast. The house was nestled in a grove of pine trees less than half a mile from the beach and as we walked the path westward out of the trees and through the beach grass, you could smell the mighty ocean.

Waves crashing onto a beach aren’t exactly what sailors like to hear, but as sea grass gave way to sand and sea foam, the sights and sounds of the ocean were almost therapeutic. The Washington coast is breathtaking and as I stood looking out over the expansive giant that is the Pacific Ocean, I couldn’t help but think about being out there, sailing south to tropical islands or north to the wonders of Alaska. Then I remembered the 30-foot swell offshore and thought, “no thanks, that can wait!”

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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