UPDATE: Dr. Stanley Paris Abandons Circumnavigation

Dr. Stanley Paris, who we have been following on his attempt to break several solo non-stop circumnavigation records, has decided to abandon due to serious issues with his boat.

Here is the report from his blog on January 11th:

And so I have decided to abandon and head for Cape Town, some 1,700 miles away. To continue in the face of the sage advice above would be foolish in the extreme, and cruel to my wife, family and friends. I must now abandon this dream.

Life is full of disappointments- some big, some small. This is a big one as it involved four years of planning and execution. Made bigger still by the involvement of so many others, designers, builders, family, friends, and through social media, several thousand more, all now disappointed and perhaps relieved that with the mounting difficulties that the only right decision has been made.

I should say I am sorry to disappoint so many. But there is one thing I can say and that is, “I tried,” and that my spirit did not give up until those that I must respect made it clear to me that it was over.  My physical condition improves daily and is not part of the decision.

There will be no second attempt. It will be a full year before I could start again and I have asked enough of my wife and family already. The boat will be shipped from Cape Town to Maine, restored with the lessons learned, and be the fast family cruiser for which she was intended.

There will be more blogs. In the meantime, to one and all, thank you for your support. Now, some eight days to Cape Town.

Follow Dr. Paris at stanleyparis.com

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