Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross


It finally happened. After many years of successfully climbing over sailboats’ lifelines without incident, I had the dreaded foot catch. While backing into a slip over the weekend I was hastily getting off the boat to secure the stern line and ever so slightly caught the toe of my shoe on the top lifeline as I went over. Tumbling towards the dock, I slipped at first but managed to right myself with one leg and ended up only getting my shoe that hit the lifeline wet and the bottom of my pant leg.

What seems like a routine way to get on and off a boat should not be taken for granted. I was lucky that I didn’t tangle both my feet in the lifelines and fall face first onto the dock, or worse yet, into the water between the boat and the dock. I’ve seen someone catch both feet and fall on the dock before and it wasn’t pretty. Even though I’d used nearly the same exit strategy time and time again without a problem, it was a game of about an inch. Tread lightly folks, those lifelines can jump out and grab you.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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