Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

A New Year

Life aboard has changed. Our youngest crewmember began crawling last week and that simple movement now enables him to explore like never before. From pulling himself up on the first step of the companionway to crawling over and tugging everything out of the bookshelves, he’s added a whole new dimension to his curiosity. This new mobility now presents several different safety challenges on deck and down below, too, which are being creatively worked out in the new year.

In general, change on a sailboat, and in life, is a good thing. Whether we are deviating from a cruising plan or changing up a project to accommodate for some unforeseen challenge, change abounds aboard. And with a new year comes an expectation for changes small and large. This is the time of year to reset, start anew and look forward. We are excited to begin a new year of Cruising Compass and look forward to continuing to make it better for you, the reader.

Enjoy this week’s abbreviated edition.

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