Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Weather World

As we entered our third hour of a class discussion and presentation on the various cloud formations and their names, I came to the realization that I was actually piecing it all together. Like many experienced cruisers, I knew a handful of cloud types beforehand, but it wasn’t until going in depth on how they form and what they are likely to do next that I truly understood the importance of learning their intricacies. I’ve never been much of a science guy, but it turns out that the science of weather is fascinating, and is one that we seem to be constantly learning more about.

For cruisers, learning the weather is vital to our preferred mode of transportation. And taking a class on marine weather is invaluable to learning how to use the wind and currents in our everyday navigation to power our boats across bays or oceans. It comes as no surprise then that the topic excites us all. A simple weather forecast can get a group of cruisers bantering for hours, only to change six hours later and spark a whole new conversation. But hey, I guess that’s the fun of it.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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