Is Satellite Imagery The Future Of Search-And-Rescue Operations?

The search for the schooner, Niña, missing in the Tasman Sea, is breaking new ground in the use of satellite images to locate mariners.

The Niña that was carrying  David Dyche, an American mariner who works for Edison Chouest Offshore, his wife, their teenage son, Wright  and a crew of three others  from New Zealand to Australia when she was last heard from early this summer.

On June 4th, 2013, Professor Evi Nemeth, crewing on the Niña, failed to check in for a 6:00 pm. Satellite telephone communication to New Zealand weatherman Bob McDavitt. Professor Nemeth sent an earlier text indicating the Niña’s sails had been shredded. At the request of the families, the Rescue Coordination Center, New Zealand, commenced a communication search for the crew of the Niña.

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