Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

A High Tech Life

Since the dawn of recreational sailing and cruising, sailors have long mixed the pure simplicity of sailing with the passion to expand the sport and lifestyle with new technology. The GPS for instance, can be credited with opening up the world of cruising to many more people. And these days it seems that sailors have a seemingly endless stream of technological gadgetry at their fingertips to make navigation more efficient and operating their boats safer.

But what makes this abundance of sailing tech so great for the modern cruiser is that we have the ability to pick and choose how we want to outfit our boats. While some may choose to get the newest chartplotter or a multitude of sailing apps for their iPad, others are fine with a handheld GPS or smartphone to help guide them through their next sailing adventure. No matter what technologies you choose to employ, though, when the sails are up and full of wind, the peace and tranquility of the moment is all the same.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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