What does the acronym “RAM” stand for in the International Colregs?

Send your answer to cruisingcompass@bwsailing.com. A winner, who will receive a Blue Water Sailing hat, will be selected at random from the correct answers.

Thanks to last week’s Mindbender winner, Timothy Cook, for his answer to “You’re the navigator and need to plot a true course on your chart. You start by asking the helmsman what compass course they’re steering and get a response of 172 degrees. With a variation of 17 degrees east and a deviation of 3 degrees west, what true course do you plot?”: 186T.

True           186
Variation   17 E
Magnetic    169
Deviation   3 W
Compass    172

When working from True to Compass – Add West, Subtract East
When working from Compass to True – Add East, Subtract West

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