What’s on my Boat App

What’s on my Boat? Apparently, that’s a good question. With the amount of stuff we have and need aboard our boats these days it can be hard to keep track of it all.

Sailor Adrian Stanway, the developer, says “Users tell us how easy it is to enter their boat inventory using the microphone to dictate names of items as they look in all the cubbyholes. They like being able to take photos of serial numbers and having them available when they are standing in the aisle at West Marine. They love being able to create their own list titles and keep notes. And there just seem to be a lot of people like me who need a bit of help remembering where they put things!”

As the end of the boating season arrives, what better way to spend a few hours at the weekend than de-cluttering the boat and getting it ready for its winter break?

What’s on my Boat is an app that helps you do that. This App let’s you record everything that’s on – and, equally importantly, off – your boat and allocate it to a Location, Category and List in seconds. Dropbox™ is built in to let users save their entries securely and share them between devices.

What’s on my Boat is an App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It’s available in the App Store and is priced at $1.99

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