VIRBAC-PAPREC 70 capsized this last week during training. Jean-Pierre Dick and Roland Jourdain were sailing in 15-20 knots of wind. They were surprised by a strong gust and were unable to prevent their multihull from overturning. The mast broke into 3 pieces. Here is a video of the capsize.

Roland Jourdain was able to protect himself under the hard cap, while Jean-Pierre was ejected violently into the water. Initially the whole team informed everyone that they were safe and sound, but that Jean-Pierre was suffering from back pain.

In the end, the skipper was winched up by helicopter and taken to hospital in Lorient. He has been diagnosed with collapsed vertebrae and will be kept under observation for two days. The boat is being towed to Lorient as we write.

Jean-Pierre Dick: “I am still in shock. Everything happened so fast. I felt a strong gust hit us from behind.  I gave the sheet traveller some slack, but probably not enough. Everything changed very quickly. I fell from a great height. I hit something and fell into the water. It was violent. Fortunately, I managed to get back on board very quickly. I quickly realized that my back hurt. We waited for the rescue teams feeling great sadness.”

Roland Jourdain: “We were sailing in a settled 15 knot wind, but it was irregular with gusts of 18-20 knots. The conditions were workable. Suddenly, there was a gust that was stronger than the others. The boat lifted and lifted. It stayed stationary for a few interminable seconds. I eased out the solent jib. We thought we were going to fall on the right side, and well no, the boat capsized. I was very frightened for Jean-Pierre. It is the first time that I have capsized. I am shaken.”

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