Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Testing, Testing

The Chesapeake Bay sunshine illuminated the Allures 45′s bright orange spinnaker as it filled with wind and the boat noticeably surged ahead. We don’t often get to fly spinnakers while test sailing boats, but the day was so perfect it almost seemed a shame not to. After a soggy yet fun weekend at the Annapolis Sailboat Show we were being graced with beautiful weather to put a bunch of new boat designs through their paces.

I thoroughly enjoy testing boats and writing about them. Picking apart a boat both under sail and down below, along with hearing the inspiration behind the design is always unique and interesting. But my favorite part of these sea trials is being able to sail with some extraordinary sailing talent. There was five of us aboard the Contest 42CS yesterday for our last sail and I realized that the combined amount of ocean sailing miles had to be in the hundreds of thousands: at least three of the crew had circumnavigated. Sailing with this much experience is helpful to the process, but it also makes it more fun to be out knocking around in boats too.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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