Alpha 42 Set for Spring Launch

This Cat Combines Looks and Performance with Comfort and Ease of Handling. Construction of the first Alpha 42 is underway at Alpha Yachts in Patchogue, NY. This high performance cruising catamaran, which has several innovative features hitherto unavailable on a production cruising multihull, was designed by Gregor Tarjan, President of Aeroyacht Ltd. in Setauket, NY and engineered by Marc Anassis, NA, President of Alpha Yachts.

“This boat is a collaboration between Marc and I,” said Tarjan. “Marc engineered the boat structurally and did the hydrodynamics. I’m a yacht designer by trade, and I designed the exterior, interior, and every angle and color. Aeroyacht is the biggest multihull dealer worldwide. I’ve worked with customers from all walks of life, and with different boatyards and their considerations for this market. I selected the best design features of the 11 brands that I represent, and tried to incorporate them into this boat.”

The first thing you’ll notice about the Alpha 42’s sleek lines is the reverse angle, wave piercing bows – the first on a production cruising cat. “Reverse bows basically extend the waterline without adding weight and they reduce pitch,” said Tarjan. “Other benefits are a much more comfortable motion at sea and reduced windage. Wave-piercers are also easier to steer and maneuver in waves. I collaborated with Pete Melvin of Morrelli & Melvin for the reverse bows on the 110-foot catamaran that I’m building in collaboration with Wally Yachts [the Aeroyacht 110]. The Alpha 42 is the ‘baby version’ of the 110-footer, and we’ve moved the mast further aft to keep the bows buoyant.”

The Alpha 42 will undoubtedly deliver class-leading performance, although it’s designed for easy safe handling by a cruising couple. “A multihull is very different from a monohull,” explained Anassis, who has built more than 850 boats from 31 to 95 feet. “If you’re caught with too much sail up on a monohull in rough weather – say 35 knots – it will heel and load the mast, but it will ‘breathe’ and relieve the pressure. A cruising cat doesn’t heel and won’t let the wind off, so it has to be very strong…but it also has to be very light. Our boat is built to strict American Bureau of Shipping standards.”

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