Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Show Time

Rain gently pattered on the window this morning as I awoke and though the weather might not be perfect for the first day of the United States Sailboat Show here in Annapolis, that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty to see and do this weekend.

I arrived in Annapolis early on Wednesday, which gave me a chance to take an early stroll through the show as boats were coming in and exhibitors were setting up. Walking down to Ego Alley I couldn’t help but notice the towering mast of a 90-foot Catana catamaran. From there I headed out on the docks and said hi to friends while doing what I love doing most during any boat show, looking at boats. My first impression of this year’s fleet is that there are some new, unique designs from builders who are starting to push away from standard designs that put boats into specific categories — ie. cruiser, racer, day sailer. Instead, they are trying to strike a balance between performance and comfort that will satisfy the needs of any sailor. BWS will be climbing aboard many of these boats over the weekend and will be test sailing a bunch after the show, so stay tuned for how we think they did. And look for daily reports on our Facebook page as we tour the boats.

If you’re coming to the show this weekend, stop by Blue Water Sailing Media’s booth, AB12, to say hi! We look forward to seeing you.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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