Eastern Caribbean Clearance Procedures Go Online

The Eastern Caribbean includes many different nations, each with its own customs and immigration formalities to be dealt with on arrival and departure. This can be a lengthy process in the majority of island nations and patience and an understanding of “island-time” is definitely worth cultivating.

Help is at hand however with the development of two “advance notification” websites that cater for clearance in some of the Windward and Leeward islands. These two organizations are attempting to ease the clearance procedure for skippers with the possibility to enter all customs and immigration clearance details online prior to arrival, and simply update details as you cruise between islands. This information is then available to the different national border agencies facilitating the declaration process on arrival. Legally, skippers are still required to report to Customs and Immigration on arrival to present their identification documents, but the time spent there will be reduced considerably.

Both set-ups are similar in name (which can be confusing), and similar in service, however currently they facilitate clearance for different islands.

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