Sailors Rescued After Getting Shipwrecked Off Turkey

Three British sailors underwent a dramatic rescue when they were shipwrecked off Turkey during a violent storm.

The three men were stranded aboard the yacht, Concorde of Hamble, for 14 hours as Turkish emergency services battled the elements to reach them, stranded below a cliff face near the fishing village of Datca. As the raging sea battered them onto the rocks, the Turkish coastguard were beaten back by the waves.

The coastguard summoned the Jandarma (Army Police) for help but the gale force winds and high download casino online seas meant they, too, were unable to reach the terrified sailors.

Fearing the listing yacht would sink at any moment AKUT, the Turkish volunteer mountain rescue team trekked over two mountains and scaled down the cliff face to reach the desperate Brits.

Securing the yacht to the rocks and helping the exhausted sailors onto a tiny isolated beach, AKUT, built a campfire and dished out warm clothes and tea, comforting the cold and shocked crew until sunrise when the storm finally passed.

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