Dutch Sailor Killed While Resisting Robbery Onboard

Early in the morning of 3 September while anchored off Marina El Concorde, Margarita Island, Venezuela Robert Sterenburg’s yacht was boarded by armed robbers. In an attempt to repel the boarders, Robert was shot.

Robert Sterenburg, a Dutch cruiser, 59-years-old, was killed while resisting robbery on board his yacht Mary Eliza. The yacht had been anchored off the Marina El Concorde, Margarita Island since arriving from Saint Vincent 3 weeks earlier.

Robert had cruised to 54 countries over the past three years. He was on board with his girlfriend, who was unhurt.

Anthony Frontado, Commissioner of the Municipal Police, confirmed that the criminals had approached the sailboat anchored about 500 meters from the shore early in the morning on September 3. They were on board an inflatable dinghy and surprised the occupants, who tried to repel the boarders.

The Dutch skipper received several bullet wounds in different parts of the body and died in hospital Luis Ortega, where he was taken in an attempt to save his life.

Second in less than two months

This is the second foreign tourist killed in Margarita in less than two months, because on Friday, July 19, Colombian Huaca Jorge Alberto Morales, 32 years old, was murdered on a beach in Pampatar, while resisting stealing his gold chain. He was staying at the hotel Popeye, with his family, and went out to dinner after enjoying a day on the beach.

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