Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Pass it On

The wind pressed hard against the sails as we sheeted in and steered to a close-hauled course. About 30 minutes later the breeze jumped a notch or two and in the interest of keeping our crew comfortable, we decided to tuck a reef in the main. With four generations of sailors aboard, ranging in age from five months to 80 years, keeping the boat comfortable was what we were after. Well, that, and having a great time.

It was my great grandfather who introduced our family to sailing, and so far each generation has embraced the sport and lifestyle in their own way — from racing and day sailing to passagemaking and living aboard. And that is one of the unique things about sailing, you can experience it basically any way you want and at nearly any age. When I think back to all the great times I’ve had sailing with my family, like last weekend, it gives me great joy to know that we are passing on such an amazing sport to our son.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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