Diesel Maintenance Seminars with Mack Boring

Mack Boring & Parts Company has announced the 2013-2014 calendar of Marine Diesel Maintenance Seminars. These popular seminars give sailboat and powerboat owners an opportunity to become more familiar with their engines.

Through the seminars, boat owners can develop a greater level of confidence about their engines, learn basic maintenance routines and how to recognize the warning signs of engine problems. The series is ideal for owners of all popular brand diesel engines and includes 1-day basic maintenance seminars and 2-day hands-on seminars that teach emergency repair skills.

Separate seminars are structured to meet the needs of sailboat and powerboat owners. Classes are offered at Mack Boring’s 2,700 sq. ft. training facilities in Union, NJ, at the company’s New Bedford, MA and Wilmington, NC locations, and in Waukegan, IL. To date, over 20,000 students have been trained.

For Mack Boring’s full seminar schedule visit www.mackboring.com/training

Advance registration is encouraged as classes are limited to 10 people and fill up   quickly. Information and registration are available at 908-964-0700, ext. 259 or   training@mackboring.com.

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