Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Tis the Season

The passing of Labor Day here in the U.S. has officially marked the beginning of the fall boat show season. New boats and gear are ready to be put on display; a seemingly endless list of seminars has been assembled; and show-goers are ready to take in all the events and special offerings that these shows have to offer. It is truly an exciting time for sailors.

As usual, I’m looking forward to it all, but this year I’m particularly interested in getting on some boats to poke around and head out for a test sail. The new crop of cruisers is intriguing to me as boat builders continually try to achieve the balance between performance, comfort and safety. Though the traditionalists out there may scoff at the wide sterns, lines led aft, hard chines, huge cockpits and Euro-styled interiors that will be on display, the thing is, boat builders might be closer than ever to striking an equilibrium. One thing is for sure though; there will be something at this year’s shows for everyone. Hope to see you there!

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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