Dates Confirmed for the NZ 2 OZ Rally

What started out as a means of getting to the start of the Inaugural Sail 2 Indonesia Rally for boats in New Zealand has taken on a life of it’s own.

“We’ve had interest from a wide cross section of the cruising community, local New Zealand boats and migrating cruisers from all over the world” say’s rally boss John Martin from the Island Cruising Association. Many are continuing on to join the Sail 2 Indonesia rally but a surprising number are looking at the rally as a means of simply getting to Australia. With the high level of interest shown in a New Zealand to Australia rally dates have now been set, venues confirmed and the rally officially coined the “NZ 2 OZ Rally”.

Departing on 1st May from Opua in New Zealand’s Magical Bay of Islands, the NZ 2 OZ rally clears into Aneityum (Anatom) the southernmost island in the Vanuatu Chain and will cruise Vanuatu for a month with time to see the sights such as; Mt Yassur at Tanna, Port Vila, Havanah Harbour where the Pacific fleet was based during WWII, the Dugong’s at Epi, the famous “Land Diving” at Pentecoste and for divers in the fleet some of the best wreck diving in the world including the President Coolidge and world renown “Million Dollar Point” before departing 5th June from Luganville on Espirito Santo across the Coral Sea to Mackay on the Australian east Coast.

The fleet that are joining Sail 2 Indonesia then has four weeks to explore while heading north through the Whitsunday’s, the ‘Hundred Magic Miles’ and Magnetic Island before the Muster for Sail 2 Indonesia in Cairns on 3rd July.

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