Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Cruiser’s Spirit

With all the anxiety and excitement that goes into planning an offshore passage and an extended voyage it can be hard to stay focused. And for weeks now we have watched as friends and acquaintances alike have conquered that anticipation and shoved off the dock for years of open-ended cruising. Talking with one friend just days before her departure from Seattle to points further south, she calmly said regarding their plan, “We’re ready. We’ll get out there, get going south and see what happens.” Wow, now that is the true cruiser’s spirit.

Another boat of friends departed months earlier to circumnavigate Vancouver Island before turning south towards California and Mexico. Miles off the Oregon coast they were experiencing problems with their alternator and, despite trying all the normal tricks and tips to keep it working, were forced into port for a repair. The stop was unplanned, but they ended up making the best of it and experienced a place they had never been to before. This is how the cruising life rolls. In few other facets of living are people so laid-back, prepared to just see what happens and able to deal with the unexpected.  Whether you are shoving off for a weekend or years of cruising, have fun with the unexpected. It’s all part of the journey.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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