Edson Manufactures Largest Steering Quadrant in their History

Edson is about to ship their largest manufactured quadrant in modern history, which will be installed on the rudderpost of a Royal Huisman built yacht as part of the mechanical steering system.

Edson’s design and manufacturing of steering systems has hit a new level, with this quadrant being one of the largest Edson has manufactured in their modern history. Carrying a Lloyd’s certification, it features a radius of over 51 inches and includes a bore to fit a 17 inch diameter sleeve on a carbon rudderpost.

Edson’s multi-speed mechanical steering system for this yacht directs the helmsman’s touch of the wheel through a gearbox with an integral wheel clutch, and then to the quadrant through a chain and wire arrangement. The gearbox allows the helmsman to adjust the steering wheel sensitivity and power to the conditions at hand, and clutch out the wheels when the autopilot is in use. Edson’s advanced system places super sensitive bearings throughout the arrangement, giving the helmsman “feel” in the wheel.

Over the years, Edson has been proud to outfit sailboats with steering systems, from 18′ to 220′. This project marks another step forward in the development of mechanical steering systems. Custom systems can be designed and built to virtually any set of specifications. Edson continues to manufacture classic chain & wire and CD-i geared systems as standard production options. Call Edson today to see how we can bring the feel to your steering system.

Courtesy of www.edsonmarine.com

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