Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Cruising Neighbors

From the dinghy dock I could see we had a new neighbor and as we rowed closer to our boat I couldn’t tell what kind of boat it was, though I was intrigued. Later, as we sat in the cockpit enjoying the summer sun, our neighbor rowed over for a chat. He wanted to know what kind of boat we had and I told him I was curious about his as well. We enjoyed a great conversation and soon after he left, his wife rowed over. Again, we talked, less about boats this time and more about our son, life and cruising. She had come over to say hi, but also to give us a dream catcher. “We have two,” she said in a lovely English accent, “and we think you should have one. Look at it and always remember to follow your dreams; never lose sight of them, sail far and wide as a family, and take care of each other.”

The next morning they invited us over for a tour of their boat. They showed us some of the keepsakes they had acquired over 28 years of cruising and when we left it felt as though we had know each other for years. Cruisers create fast bonds such as these and though this couple was 50 years our senior, the connection was quickly made and sealed by a love for the sea, cruising and living life. Those are the best kind of neighbors to have.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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