Yamaha Outboard Safety Recall

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. has decided that a defect which relates to vehicle safety may exist in certain F4- F70 motors outboard motors and NOA (North American) specification portable fuel tanks.

In affected outboards, an 0-ring in the NOA fuel connectors, NOA fuel hose assemblies, and fuel tanks with the NOA style connectors, manufactured beginning April1, 2011, may develop a cut or tear. As a result, the fuel may leak from the fuel connector, either while the outboard is being run or during storage, increasing the risk of fire.

To correct this defect, your authorized Yamaha dealer will replace the fuel connector, fuel hose assembly, and, ifapplicable, portable fuel tank.

You should have this modification performed as soon as possible. If any fuel is leaking from the engine, hose, or fuel tank connectors, stop operating the outboard motor until this modification can be performed and, as a precaution, disconnect the fuel line from the engine and fuel tank, and carefully drain any fuel from your portable fuel tank (if applicable) into another approved fuel container.

For the name of a dealer near you, cati1·800·88·YAMAHA or visit the Yamaha web site atwww.yamahaoutboards.com.

If you have sold your outboard motor to another party, please call us toll-free at1~866·894·1626 with the name and address of the new owner, along with the serial number shown to the right of your name on the address labelabove.

From article in www.waterwayguide.com

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