North Atlantic Radio Net: Herb Hilgenberg has Retired

The HF/SSB weather forecasting and routing service offered by Herb Hilgenberg (Call Sign VAX498, ‘South Bound II Coastal’) has ceased broadcasting.

Herb Hilgenberg is a sailing enthusiast who, for 25 years, has provided a free daily weather forecasting and routing service for yachts sailing across the North Atlantic via marine HF/SSB from his home in Ontario, Canada.

Herb developed considerable meteorological expertise over the years, and the many yachtsmen sailing across the North Atlantic, regarded his advice as more accurate for the needs of sailing boats than that which most official sources offer.

News of his retirement has been received with great regret, but at the age of 76, and after dedicating so much of his time helping others, no one can deny that he deserves a well-earned rest. So he will no longer be broadcasting daily weather information or offering routing advice.

Herb Hilgenberg was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002.

See Herb’s website

Tribute from John Frankin, Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club

“The cruising community owes him a great debt of gratitude.”

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