Offshore Sailing School Sponsors Sail Challenge for Middle Schoolers

Just before the school year gets underway, 15 high-achieving Cypress Lake Middle School students experienced an adventure of a lifetime with the Offshore Sailing School in Fort Myers, Florida.

Impressed by the fact that the entire school read The Great Wide Sea, a story about a family who embarks on a year-long sailing adventure through the Bahamas, Offshore Sailing’s CEO and President, Doris Colgate, said, “We decided to encourage the students to learn more about sailing by providing them with a sail-training and team-building adventure, at no cost to the school or parents.”

Offshore Sailing School has supported the school several times in the past by providing a “3-day Learn to Sail” course tuition valued at $1295 for the school’s silent auction fundraiser.

Selected through established student requirements and led by eighth grade teacher Heather Millican, 15 eager students participated in the first-ever Cypress Lake Middle School Sail-Race Challenge July 15-19 at Offshore Sailing School’s Ft. Myers Beach, Florida campus, located at the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina. The students were placed in teams of 5, each coached by an Offshore Sailing School instructor on three Colgate 26 sailboats (designed by Offshore Sailing School’s founder and Chairman, Steve Colgate). During the five days, they were instructed on sailing techniques, knot tying and safety, while also learning life fundamentals of team-building, problem-solving, trust and respect.

“The students were so enthusiastic and appreciative of this special opportunity that they formed the ad-hoc Cypress Lake Middle School Sailing Club and had tee-shirts printed in school colors to distinguish each team,” Millican said. The teams then competed in specially-designed challenges leading up to the all-important regatta which occurred on July 19th. Offshore Sailing School’s founders, students’ parents, families and teachers cheered the teams on. “Seeing the students out on the water was astounding and we will carry the memories with us for a lifetime,” Millican shared with Colgate. Each student was presented with Offshore Sailing School certificates and a commemorative Logbook. Beyond bragging rights, the teams also received 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals donated by Roberts Advertising of Fort Myers.

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