Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Safety First

It has been a little over a year since we purchased and moved aboard our boat, a 1984 Grand Soleil 39 that we dubbed Yahtzee (due to our frequent playing of the game and because sometimes in life you just have to roll the dice). In that time we’ve done a lot of work to make her our home; sailed her as far north and south in the Puget Sound as possible; and have welcomed aboard a new crewmember who, at three months old, has over 500 miles under his little belt.

Over the past few weeks though, we have taken a deep dive back into our many maintenance lists only to be reminded of a bunch of safety gear that needs to be updated or recertified; our EPIRB, life raft, MOM-8A and fire extinguishers all need new tags, registration or servicing. And that list isn’t exhaustive. Add inflatable PFD cartridges, flares, and first aid supplies to that and you’ve got a nice little project on your hands. This sort of task is something that can often get lost in the fun and adventure of cruising, but it is an absolute necessity for the safety of the vessel and her crew.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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